Evo X Test Pipe

Evo X Test Pipe

What is a evo x test pipe

A test pipe allows you to remove the catalytic converter from your evo x. The reason behind this is that stock and even high flow catalytic converters block air from going through the exhaust system and thus limit power. By adding a test pipe you are removing this blockage in the exhaust system and thus allowing your engine to breathe much easier. After removing the catalytic converter and adding a test pipe you can expect a gain of 25whp or 35hp at the crank. Furthermore a test pipe is vital if you are looking for major HP gains as the stock catalytic converter will block your car from achieving numbers above 300whp.

Pro’s of a test pipe

1.Power gain

By simply adding a test pipe you can easily gain 25whp as seen on the dyno chart below. Also a test pipe is necessary if you are looking to make more than 300whp  

  1. The sound

By removing your catalytic converter you are allowing more airflow, and thus change the sound. After adding a test pipe you will notice that even with the rest of the exhaust stock it will sound deeper at idle and much more aggressive at wide open throttle. You will also get the occasional backfire.  

  1. Price

A test pipe is much cheaper than a high flow catalytic converter or even the stock evo x catalytic converter.


  1. The only real con is that the smell of gas will be somewhat noticeable when idling for more than 30 seconds.


Sound examples of a test pipe with stock exhaust

How to Install an Evo X Test Pipe

It is quite simple to install a test pipe on your evo. You will need a car jack, socket set, and a ratchet. Simply jack the car up and place on stands, make sure to block the wheels if you leave one end on the ground. After that unbolt the catalytic converter. Bolt the test pipe in by reusing the bolts and gaskets.

Top three test pipes.

  1. Ets evo x test pipe

One of the best test pipes I have found is the ets evo x testpipe. While it costs a slight bit more than others it has a great build quality that is backed with a stunning customer service team. You can check it out here on amazon for the price and user reviews.


  1. MAP evo x test pipe

This test pipe is a great value option as it is cheaper than the ets test pipe while still being high quality. Furthermore it is made of stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty. You can find it on Amazon here

  1. AMS Test Pipe

Last but not least is the AMS test pipe. Like the Map test pipe it features high quality stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. You can see it here on Amazon.