Best Scion Frs exhaust and Subaru Brz exhaust

Best Scion Frs exhaust and Subaru Brz exhaust

Scion frs and Subaru brz exhaust

Despite all of the engineering hours put into the car there is still a few issues with the Scion Frs, One that many reviewers have highlighted is the exhaust note. While the fa20 revs to an impressive 7400rpms it leaves alot to be desired in the exhaust tone. Thus I will be going over the best scion frs exhaust in this article. This is because simply changing the exhaust out can lead to an immediate and much needed change. Another problem that many experience is the dip in power around 4k rpm. This dip is also fixed by the simple addition of an frs exhaust and headers which I will also go over.

The Scion frs and Subaru brz are two revolutionary cars. They offer superb handling for a fraction of the price when compared with cars of a similar calibre. Although they do make some small compromises for this amazing road feel and performance they still ranks as an all time great. One of the biggest reasons for this is the ultra low center of gravity and extremely low curb weight of 2673 lbs. This combined with the refined rear multi link suspension allows for extreme control, even at the limit. Despite being able to handle large amounts of power the relatively low powered boxer 4 engine does a very fitting job of powering the frs and brz. Furthermore it revs to an impressive 7400 rpms. This relatively small power plant allows the frs to get 30 mpg highway. Another large benefit is the notchy and responsive 6 speed manual.

The steering in the brz and frs is fast and responsive, leading to the amazing chassis feel. Chassis control was one of the main focuses of Scion and subaru when developing this car and it shows. For example the engine sits 9.9 inches farther back than normal. It also has an outstandingly low centre of gravity at 18.8 inches, the only lower current car being the corvette zr1.

The Benefits of an scion frs exhaust and Subaru brz exhaust.

One of the main reasons for an aftermarket exhaust is the sound that the stock frs exhaust produces. At best it is satisfactory, at worst it produces a downright unpleasant sound. This can be quickly remedied by adding a frs exhaust to your car. By adding an exhaust the resulting sound can vary depending on the brand and type of exhaust. While you can expect the tone to deepen, depending on the brand of frs exhaust you can expect a few different changes. Some exhausts for your frs will be much louder at all times, conversely the exhaust can be quiter down low but step on the gas and it can become much louder than stock. Because of this it is smart to consider the options before you buy.  

frs catback exhaust and brz catback exhaust

A catback exhaust, as the name implies is an exhaust that changes after the catalytic converter. A catback exhaust is a great choice as it has the greatest effect on sound while still being able to pass emissions. This is because the mufflers and resonator are the only major changes and they only affect the sound, not the emissions. Furthermore they are generally cheaper than a full exhaust with the majority of the benefits. A brz catback exhaust will also carry the least amount of labor required to install, thus a lower overall price. A catback can also be configured to be either a single outlet pipe, dual outlet or even a quad outlet depending on what you prefer.

Do you prefer a loud exhaust or quieter?

What is your price preference?

Do you want a deep sound or a higher tone?

What exhaust for you
Perrin Catback Exhaust

The perrin catback system is great for those who want a refined exhaust note. It is louder than stock but only barely which makes it great for those who daily their cars. For more information check it out here - Perrin Catback t
Greddy Evo 3
The Greddy EVO 3 is one of the best catbacks on the market. It is one of the loudest frs exhausts yet still offers a refined and deep sound. Check it out here - Greddy EVO 3
Borla Catback
The Borla Catback is a great all around exhaust. It offers a loud yet not overbearing sound. It is also a great reliability choice as it comes with a million mile warranty - Borla catback
Spec D Catback
The Spec D Catback is a great choice for those on a budget. Despite being more of a budget exhaust it still offers a loud yet refined sound. Check it out here - Spec D Catback

The Best Frs Exhaust and brz exhaust

Below I have listed what are in my opinion the best brz exhaust you can get. I will highlight the sound characteristics and include sample sound clips. I will also go over the pro’s and con’s for each. (While some name the frs or brz specifically they will all fit each car.)

Borla brz catback exhaust 

The Borla exhaust is a great quality brz exhaust. It is unique in that the single muffler is at the start of the system which helps the weight balance. After the muffler it splits into a dual exit with 4.24” exhaust tips. What makes this exhaust great is that it adds a deeper tone and decent change in loudness while not being so loud that it attracts everyone’s attention. You can also rest easy knowing it has a million mile warranty (that’s right 1,000,000 miles.) Overall I recommend this exhaust to those that want a quality sound that isn’t deafening.

Brz exhaust kit


Invidia N1 catback exhaust

The invidia N1 overs almost unparalleled airflow making it a great choice for those who want to maximise the power gains. It also is one of the louder options on this list, although it comes with optional silencers if you find the noise overpowering. Despite being loud it still overs a great sound throughout the rev range. The N1 also comes with great blue/burnt exhaust tips that really make the car stand out.

brz exhaust


Greddy EVOlution exhaust

Greddy is a favorite among scion frs and brz owners for a reason. It features great build quality at one of the best prices. The biggest benefit of the EVOlution exhaust is that it offers high quality sound at levels that make it easy to daily drive. This makes it one of the best way’s to make your frs sound better without increasing the sound by much.

brz exhaust


Perrin Frs Catback Exhaust

Perrin has a long history of producing top quality exhausts and this catback is no exception. It has a outstanding deep exhaust tone. Furthermore it is your best bet if you are looking to maximize your power gains. It also has a great impact on performance as it is significantly lighter than the stock catback exhaust. Overall the perrin catback is best for those who want the biggest power gains but don’t mind a significant increase in noise.   

brz exhaust


Agency Power Catback

Great quality exhaust that offers a good middle ground between power gains and sound levels that are easy to daily drive. It does this with a dual muffler setup with 2.5” pipe which leads to some great looking 4” exhaust tips. The tone is deep and aggressive but not overpowering.

brz exhaust



Frs and Brz Catalytic converter Delete

A cat delete can be a great way to add power at a low price. As the name suggests a cat delete replaces the stock catalytic converter with normal exhaust piping. The benefits of removing the cats is that a decent and easily noticeable power gain. This is because the catalytic converter imposes a significant blockage on the exhaust system, limiting the airflow and thus power. By removing the cat you can also expect a lot of backfiring and the occasional fire ball out of the exhaust. This is because the cat normally catches the excess gas. Because it is no longer there the unused gas travels down the hot exhaust piping and eventually causes a minor explosion, although not powerful enough to do any damage. The downside of having a cat delete is that you will have to place the cat back on to pass emissions, thus being potentially illegal in some states and countries that have harsh emission rules. Overall a cat delete is best if you plan an doing a forced induction setup but can still yield some good horsepower gains from a stock engine.          

Scion Frs Headers

Adding headers to your frs is a great way to increase horsepower while staying naturally aspirated. This is because the stock headers are naturally limiting. By removing them and adding better flowing headers you can see a significant improvement in power. One of the best resulting changes is that adding aftermarket headers erases the torque dip that naturally occurs around 4k rpm’s. You can also get headers without cats to further increase power. Below are a few of my choices for frs headers.

Borla Frs UEL Headers

This headers make a great addition to any frs. They do a great job of highlighting the natural boxer rumble making the car sound much more aggressive. These headers also increase the sound without becoming raspy at all. Furthermore you can expect an increase in low end torque and you will notice that the infamous torque dip is gone after installing these headers. In conclusion these headers are a great buy, especially with borla’s Million Mile Warranty.   

frs exhaust


Tomei Expreme UEL frs Headers

The Expreme UEL Headers offer unparalleled levels of quality and refinement. While much of the same holds true when compared with the borla headers they offer a much more refined package. Thus they are the best choice if you are looking for all the benefits of headers like the deep rumble, increased power and torque and less stress on your engine. While they may be a little pricey they are some of the best in my opinion.  



Frs and Brz Exhaust tips

While exhaust tips do not increase performance they can be a great visual addition for any brz. They are an especially good choice as they are quite cheap, especially compared to an brz exhaust kit.

Tunerbits quad frs exhaust tip

While it is a bit on the pricier side it is also one of the few quad tips on the market making it well worth the price.

brz exhaust tip


MBRP brz exhaust tips

One of the highest quality exhaust tips on the market.  

frs exhaust tip