Wipe on Clear Coat

Wipe on Clear Coat

What is wipe on clear coat

Wipe on clear coat is a great way to fully protect your car. It is much cheaper than many other solutions as the clear coat itself only costs about 50$ for a complete car plus a few hours to apply, and it is also easy to apply. It also offers great protection as it seals off your paint from any source of damage. Because of this it is a great solution no matter your protection needs, with virtually no downsides it truly is one of the best auto detailing tools. The only downsides are that you must thoroughly clean your paint before you apply it because once it is applied your paint it will be impossible to correct unless you remove the clear coat. The other downside is that it will fade after 2-3 years but the low cost and ease of application far outweigh this.     

Our Recommendation

We have found the Optimum Gloss Coat to be the best and most cost effective. This is because of its somewhat lower price than others and its higher quality coating. Furthermore it is the choice of many other professional detailing companies. To back our claim up it also has 4.7 star rating we also found that it is the best at creating a slick and easy to clean surface, rivaling that of a freshly waxed car.


How to Apply Wipe on Clear Coat

While it may seem like a daunting task it is actually quite easy. Also the 10cc may seem too small but you only need a few drops per panel and thus use only about 7cc to cover a full sized sedan, because of this, this small tube of wipe on clear coat can even cover a large pickup. First we recommend that all surfaces you plan on applying this to are thoroughly washed. Make sure to take your time and look for any problems with your paint and correct as needed. After this simply create an x pattern on the supplied pad and completely wipe the the panel you are working on in a circular motion. After about 5 minutes look for any thick areas that have not yet become clear and spread them with a micro fibre cloth. Repeat these steps for all panels you wish to cover.     


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