Best Tire Shine

Best Tire Shine

While some may assume that choosing a good tire dressing is an easy task, it in fact is not and can often leave many scratching their heads from the many choices on the market. Because of this I have decided to document my thoughts on the topic. Furthermore using tire shine on your tires can subtly yet drastically improve the appearance of your car no matter the colour or condition as it shows you truly car about your car. In this article I will use my personal experience along with the experience of others to inform you of the best tire shine.

Clean your Tire

First before you even think about apply any tire shine to your car it is important to thoroughly clean your tires. If you fail to clean your tires before applying the shine then there is a very good chance that the pre existing dirt and grime will be trapped by the shine thus making your car look worse instead of better. To achieve this we recommend you use a tire brush like this one along with spray foam like we highlighted in this article or simply any automotive shampoo you have on hand. Apply the Soap then thoroughly scrub all around the tire with the hard bristled tire brush, after completely rinse all soap with water.

Best Tire Shine

Water based or Oil Based

While both tire shine’s have there own pro’s and con’s it is ultimately up to you too decide. Fortunately modern products diminish the gap but they both still have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Oil Based Tire Shine

First of oil based shine often lasts longer and stays shinier. Oil based tire shine also can be easier to apply. The major downside to oil based tire shine is that it is much more susceptible to dirt and grime sticking as a result of apply the shine. While this is much better controlled with the advent of new technologies it can still be a problem.      

Water Based Tire Shine

While water based tire shine may not be as popular in a professional setting it is often the choice of enthusiasts. One of the reasons for this is that it is much more eco friendly because as the name implies it is water based. It also offers the distinct advantage that it will rarely if ever collect grime and dirt, especially when compared to oil based shine. The main downside to water based tire shine is that it will often be removed and wear away quicker than oil based shine, although most modern water based shines still do a very good job.     

My Choice for the Best Tire Shine 

While in the end I recommend you think it over I personally use water based as the ease of application outweighs the somewhat more frequent application. My personal choice that I use on my cars is This – Black Magic Tire Wet Spray


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